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The Vicarages
kirkstall art trail 2024




About the project

This community arts project aims at exploring and celebrating the unique lived experiences of individuals residing in almost identical terrace houses. These houses, often seen as uniform and unremarkable, serve as a canvas for the rich and diverse stories of their inhabitants. By decorating t-shirts, participants express their personal narratives, transforming these simple garments into vibrant testimonies of their lives.


The final installation will utilise the traditional clothes lines that still connect the houses on opposite sides of the road, celebrating the idea that shared connections between residents can be fostered through the identification of common ground in even the most mundane of human experiences.


Two free creative workshops will be hosted for residents to come together to share their stories and discuss their experiences.

Participants will be encouraged to explore themes such as family traditions, cultural heritage, significant life events, and everyday joys and struggles. They can use symbols, abstract designs, and literal depictions to convey their narratives.

SATURDAY 6th JULY 10am-3pm

Fabric Printing and Flower Hammering

THURSDAY 11th JULY 6pm-9pm

Embroidery and Modern Applique

At St Stephens Church, Kirkstall

Sessions are free, open to all ages and there is no need to book, just drop in.

Key to these workshops will be the conversations that take part during them, about Kirkstall and what it is like to live in the area, how residents perceive the changes over time and what they believe will be the future for the area.

Conversations and pieces from the creative workshops will inform the final installation. 

The project seeks to highlight the distinct identities and experiences that thrive within seemingly homogenous environments. It aims to foster a deeper sense of community, promote self-expression, and challenge the notion of uniformity within identical living spaces.

T-shirts will be hung between houses as part of the Kirkstall Art Trail on 20-21st July, along with information about the project and children's worksheets.


Empowerment Through Expression: Participants gain a sense of empowerment by sharing their stories and seeing their experiences validated through art.

Strengthening Community Bonds: The project fosters connections among residents, creating a stronger sense of community and mutual understanding.

Challenging Perceptions: By showcasing the diversity of experiences within identical houses, the project challenges stereotypes and highlights the individuality that exists within uniformity.

Art as a Medium for Social Change: Demonstrates how art can be a powerful tool for social commentary and change, encouraging more inclusive and empathetic communities.

The Vicarages project is a celebration of individuality within the collective. Through the simple act of decorating t-shirts, participants narrate their unique stories, transforming perceptions and fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experience that exists even in the most uniform of environments.


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